Sunday, February 19, 2006

ICICI Bank's global brand ambassador

ICICI Bank Limited, India’s second largest Bank, today signed leading actor Shahrukh Khan as its global brand ambassador. Shahrukh Khan is a truly global Indian who embodies the Indian winning spirit.

The energy and innovation which Shahrukh Khan represents coupled with his popularity both in India and abroad make him the ideal choice for ICICI Bank, particularly as the Bank makes its global forays.

Speaking on this occasion at the Bank’s headquarters here, K.V. Kamath, Managing Director & CEO, ICICI Bank said, “We are proud to have Shahrukh Khan as our global brand ambassador. Having established our leadership in the retail business over the last five years, the bank is now poised to scale new heights in the global arena.”

Lalita D. Gupte, Joint Managing Director, ICICI Bank, said, “ICICI Bank is happy to be associated with Shahrukh Khan whose increasing global popularity brings synergy to our growing global presence.”

Within a short span of four years, ICICI Bank has established its presence in 12 countries including UK, Canada, US and the Middle East. Shahrukh Khan’s image and popularity with the Non Resident Indian (NRI) segment will further reinforce ICICI Bank’s global identity.


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