Sunday, February 19, 2006

SRK to endorse talcum powder

Shahrukh Khan will soon be seen in a TV commercial for a talcum powder brand. Shahrukh has finished shooting for the commercial directed by Prahlad Kakkar.

Says Prahlad Kakkar, director of the ad film, “It’s a very middle-class product and it got Shah Rukh Khan in it. It’s a day in his life with talcum powder and how he feels cool and efficient with it.”

Shahrukh Khan was only recently seen in a Lux commercial bathing in a tub full of roses, surrounded by actresses from yesteryear and the present. Now he could be seen pampering himself with talcum powder.

The commercial shows Shahrukh Khan looking out for his heroine and chasing the bad guys. The actor is then seen to be caressing himself in the bathroom with talcum powder telling us how he feels cool and efficient with its use.

Shahrukh Khan has done the stunts himself in the commercial. The actor is back doing action sequences after a long layoff. His back ailment prevented him from performing his own stunts until recently but now Shahrukh seems to have perfectly recovered and is back in shape.


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