Monday, September 11, 2006

King Khan for Rs 800

Now you can buy Shahrukh Khan for Rs 800. No, not the real Shahrukh Khan but one single Shahrukh Khan. Surprised?

Well, the FSE has started. FSE is the Filmy Stock Exchange. October onwards, you can buy shares of your favorite stars. FSE is meant to be an online game for the Bollywood buffs which can also be played through the mobile. The players will be given virtual money and will be allowed to invest in Bollywood stars of their choice. Then just like the stock market, the prices of these stock will either go higher or lower depending on the popularity of each star. The initial price of the stock of the star will be fixed according to the industry buzz.

Well the game sounds cool. The share prices is redeemable for points and with certain number of points you collect, you can collect gifts for the same. Shahrukh Khan’s Share has been priced at Rs 800 while Amitabh Bachchan for Rs 700 while Abhishek for Rs 500. Hrithik has a share price of Rs 600.

The promoters of the game have none other than Circuit a.k.a Arshad Warsi as their brand ambassador.


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